Job Search Depression Is Real, And We Need To Talk About It

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Stress from job-seeking has been linked to emotional and mental health issuessuch as anxietyor depression. The worse thing about phone interviews is that they focus so much on behavioral questions and interpersonal work place scenarios.

job search depression

So many people wait to get help and end up making decisions that they deeply regret later. Depression doesn’t discriminate– it happens to good people all of the time. It’s so important to remember that you need to address it as an illness, not as a sign of weakness or defect. And finally, « Take into account this is a tough time for a lot of people, » Black says.

Best Of Transition: Ph D Jobs & Job Search Strategies April 9, 2022

Yeah, I’ve had a few interviews where I should have walked out in the past. I learned my lesson now, like interviews can tell you a lot of the company culture and the team you would be working in. If they’re making you feel terrible in the interview then they’re not worth it. I literally only see jobs for someone with just a BS like this. They got my entire life story, gave me a test and i met all the start ups employees. I’m just saying I’m amazed all of this for a singular process a trained monkey could do.

Furthermore, the intervention had an impact on both the incidence and prevalence of more severe depressive symptoms among high-risk individuals. The job I took is so different from my previous and I have been expected to be a mind reader. The « personality » fit is so wrong for me, so I continue to look. As you can tell – I’m sending « blind applications » to « blind employers. » Even the employed are not having a swell time of it.

All they get to see is a document that highlights your career. Rejection here has nothing to do with your worth as a person but simply the hiring manager’s opinion on your ability to fulfill a role. Contact us today to learn how BetterUp’s career coaching servicecan help you accelerate positive change professionally and personally. Don’t let your feelings of hopelessness about your job search cause burnout and emotional exhaustion. Remember that no matter the outcome of your job searching and the number of rejections you’ve received, your current situation doesn’t define you.

Job Search Depression Is Real

For example, waking up an hour earlier than usual lowers the risk of depression by 23%, and waking up two hours earlier reduces it by 40%. At the end of May, the JAMA Psychiatry journal published new research on the best way to optimize sleep patterns to mitigate the risk of depression. In the study, Harvard researchers examined survey findings and genetic data from 23andMe of 850,000 people. In these difficult times, it’s especially important to have coping strategies and smart, manageable goals as you work toward your professional objectives, which is why I’ve gathered some key strategies for you here. A new nationally represented study shows that depression symptom prevalence is more than 3-fold higher during the COVID-19 pandemic than before.

It was really painful to hear that when my little sister finally got hired, she found her job very stressful and started to look for a new one after just a few weeks. Thinking about her feeling hopelessness and trapped in that situation are doubly painful. “I tell my clients, first and foremost, to have patience with the process and make sure your expectations are realistic. Your entire professional life right now is focused on finding a new job, but the recruiters, hiring managers, people in your network — they aren’t on the same timeline you are. Try to strike the balance between timely follow-up and constant pestering, because you can risk alienating people,” she says. It’s no surprise that there is a strong link between unemployment and poor mental health.

I also kept folders for every lead containing all the homework I’d done on the company, every email I’d sent/received and any notable industry news stories that might add to interview conversations. Finally, as your job search continues, it’s essential to remember that you are not your job. Your worth and meaning come from various places, and your career is simply one of them. Confiding in someone who can help you ease your burden and pick you up can be really helpful in maintaining your positivity and the desire to land the job you want. If you’re facing unemployment and dealing with depression, the desire to crawl under your covers and never leave the house again can be strong. After all, your former job was likely one of your main motivators to getting out of bed every morning. Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders, with approximately 17.3 million adults experiencing at least one major depressive episode in the United States in 2017.

Job Hunting And Mental Health

But if you apply for a job you’re not qualified for, you’re probably not going to get it. Face it, this economy has changed everything, and workers have no rights and are powerless, too bad it’s not easy to just fire someone, thank god for that paper trail.

I’m tired that my self worth has to be defined from a job. Message your employees on Slack with job search depression customized security and compliance recommendations for their Linux, Mac, and Windows devices.

Human Beings Werent Meant To Sit In Little Cubicles, Staring At Computer Screens All Day

Look for local volunteering opportunities—it is a great way to engage in some feel-good activity while scoring brownie points on your resume. You could even brush up on your reading and broaden your perspective. The key is to keep learning and adding to your experience; both personal and professional. In addition, we support clients with our training services aimed at both professionals working in mental health care and people who are facing suicide in their professional practice or personal environment.

job search depression

You may be struggling to find jobs that actually interest you, which makes the whole job-hunting process feel hopeless. If you’ve ever felt sad, anxious, hopeless, defeated, or even depressed about your job search, you’re not alone.

Build A Job

Together, these professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across the Netherlands for crisis dialogues and psychological treatments. If it’s been months or even years and you’re still feeling pessimistic about your job search, it could be time to reassess your career goals.

Understand that you’re not alone in having to endure a prolonged job search. It’s a process that can take time, and you don’t want to settle for just any position. In addition to the blows to your self-esteem that rejection can bring, your emotional health suffers in other ways. You might think your skills and abilities aren’t strong enough for your chosen career, or you pursued the wrong degree altogether. Maybe you feel embarrassed seeing that your fellow graduates are snagging jobs, but you’re still unemployed.Perhaps you feel a loss of control over your destiny, or feel lonely, unloved, or hopeless.

The LinkedIn tips & strategies within have helped PhDs from every background get hired into top industry careers. Now, recruiters are contacting you and you’re getting industry interviews. This will keep you focused on specific tasks, which will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and defeated. It will help you stay organized in today’s very competitive job markets.

Maintain An Active Lifestyle

Endless job hunting can lead to feelings of exhaustion and burnout. Fear and anxietyaren’t going to help your job hunting prospects. And they’re certainly not going to help your psychological well-being. Having someone to talk to during your job search gives you much-needed emotional support.

  • Not only is the process itself draining, but activities at home can also add to the dissatisfaction.
  • The majority of us have been affected by the recession, and now it may feel like you’re never going to get the job you want.
  • Besides pressure from those around you, the pressure you put on yourself can cause you to have unrealistic expectations.
  • Ask for feedback after a rejection and keep following up.
  • And, from’s results, there is no denying that Americans frequently drink more to cope in those types of circumstances.

By reaching out, you’ll keep your name top of mind and you’ll help do some of the heavy lifting for the hiring manager. Reaching out to your connections, meeting new ones, and building relationships may lead to your next role. So just because you were “rejected,” try not to dwell on it. If there’s any good news here besides the fact that you’re not alone, it’s that you can remedy this unpleasant situation with a few easy tips.

Learn New Skills

The solution to job-search depression isn’t as easy as hitting the pavement and sending out more résumés. People are often hesitant to share their job search-related anxieties for fear of seeming unconfident. There is a high likelihood that many of them might be feeling disappointed or demotivated by their predicament. You’ll then be in a much better position to give it everything you’ve got to land the role you’ve been waiting for. Instead of hiding out to avoid the dreaded question of how your job search is going, you can confront it head-on. To combat this, make sure to get out there and stay social with your friends and family.

Job Search Depression Is Real: Heres How To Overcome It

So, after spending nearly 2 years volunteering and helping out my family in whatever ways I could I headed to graduate school (a decision that I now consider to be the worst decision I’ve ever made). I’m nearly finished with that degree and after a year of being a graduate teaching assistant in my program, personal reasons dictated that I relocate closer to my family. I recently began working part-time at a big box store–on the sales floor making what I made at my last retail job 5 years ago–and I’m probably the most educated person in the store. I can’t get a management position because I don’t have enough experience in retail–so I’ve been told on several interviews. Apparently, teaching adult students–both in the classroom and as a volunteer tutor–are not skills easily transferred to the training of adult workers in a retail store. If this sounds familiar, you’re probably going through, or have been through a stressful job-hunting period. Honestly, It’s totally okay if you are struggling with job search depression.

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