What is a Solutions Architects Role

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As experience rises to mid-career, the average reported salary ranges from $115,000 to $137,000 per year. For late-career solutions architects with 20 years or more of experience, the average reported salary is $135,000 per year. If you have already realized the importance of solution architecture in your projects, the next step is to source and hire the person for the role. We’ve considered the core skills that a good solution architect must possess.

These professionals can help to prepare a work plan, so that the solution they have suggested aligns with the business’ goals, and they can ensure that a project is completed on time and within budget. Effective communication is a must, as a Solutions Architect constantly interacts with people. They need to be great active listeners in order to understand a business’ needs and to understand the customer’s expectations. Anyone applying for the role of a Solutions Architect position must have a certain set of skills, education, certifications and relevant work experience. Solutions Architects get involved in a project when it’s still in its early stages.

This is where deployment and its implications on enterprise architecture comes into play. With a solution architect, a project has a higher chance of seeing a successful launch. That’s true, especially for companies that are going to integrate tech projects into their business models. Digital transformation is about business translating its core offline operations to online. Such a process needs linking technologies with business needs and perspectives.

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Thus, it’s important that Solution Architects hold a degree, certifications or provable experience in the IT field. Providing updates to stakeholders on product development xglobalmarkets review processes, costs, and budgets. Assessing the systems architecture currently in place and working with technical staff to recommend solutions to improve it.

In other words, solution architecture shows how a system and its specific features help a company reach its determined business goals. Solution architecture is focused on details and solution technologies to address a specific business problem. They are mediators between enterprise architecture and software architecture . A solutions architect also bridges communication between IT and business operations to ensure everyone is aligned in developing and implementing technical solutions for business problems. The process requires regular feedback, adjustments, and problem-solving in order to properly design and implement potential solutions. A solutions architect is responsible for evaluating an organization’s business needs and determining how IT can support those needs leveraging software, hardware, or infrastructure.

Software Engineer Job Description

This is why we have seen surveys that indicate nearly half of new projects failing within a year. The solution to this is solution architecture, which inevitably involves an architect. This is where the ability to explain complex and abstract technical concepts is crucial for these professionals. Solutions Architects also inform project managers and software engineers about the requirements of the project, and they remain involved in the whole development lifecycle. The set of skills and experiences that define each of these architectural roles may seem interchangeable, however, they vary across the spectrum of expertise.

In the first step, solution architecture specialists closely look at how the different elements of business, information, and technology can be applied to solve a specific problem. Instead of reaching decisions in silos, AEs can host collaborative Specification and Design Workshops . These events bring together all relevant stakeholders around a specific topic to quickly and effectively create a shared understanding and arrive at decisions. A solution architect helps a project succeed by forestalling the possible issues or making the existing ones go away. As already mentioned, sometimes, a solution architect is support for project managers.

An infrastructure architect is much like a technical architect but with a focus on a corporate on-premises server or cloud systems employed by an organization. This means that an infrastructure specialist helps grow and maintain the production side of a corporate software ecosystem, rather than software development itself. This quality enables them to adjust their communication to speak with company personnel who don’t come from an IT background. They value continued education, and always look for ways to improve their understanding of IT technologies and how they can benefit businesses.

The aim is to lead the process optimization keeping in mind the performance of the delivered solution. If you need to present your future product or solution to investors or stakeholders, a solution architect will identify the best technologies for the product and give a reason for it in plain language. Sometimes, a solution architect plays a support role for an existing project manager, so they partially do all the above things. Companies face the challenge of changing their inner processes and working methods to stay in the game. In other words, businesses need digital transformation that will adjust processes to software solutions.

Software Architect Job Description

The Enterprise Solution Architect is the individual that oversees an entire enterprise in terms of business entities, properties, external ecosystems, relationships, and more. Enterprise Architects focus on building robust solutions that solve a critical strategic issue. Usually, Enterprise Architects supervise and take a back seat role by delegating specific tasks to specialists in particular areas. The principal involvement of Enterprise Architects is ensuring the company, as an entity, has streamlined application lifecycles and uses the technologies best suited for each application.

solution architect responsibilities

A solution architect helps a project succeed by the simple virtue of making those problems go away. If the project is a success, this can only be good for the company’s bottom line. However, this also hinges on the viability of the project, to begin with. At the end of the day, however, the specifics regarding what a solution architect is expected to do will hinge largely on what the company wants or needs. This role can encompass as wide or as narrow an area as is needed in order to address the present concerns. If there is a major shift in how personnel and business practices are done, it is likely that this was done under the advice of an enterprise architect.

What every successful Solutions Architect’s LinkedIn profile needs to show …..

One of the primary set of tasks that answers what a solution architect does is meeting the individual stakeholders’ requirements. Typically, these requirements come in from both technical and non-technical stakeholders where both have to be accounted for in the project. At this stage, the Solution Architect’s role is to oversee the progress of the project in accordance with the solution goals and enterprise resources. The solution architect is the person responsible for the vision of the solution architecture, its refinement, and realization according to the business’ needs and goals.

Traditionally, small and mid-size businesses consider neither the practice of solution architecture nor the respective role justified. Addressing solution architecture problems is delegated and shared across other roles within a product team. And it’s a viable option for small projects with predictable outcomes. Solution architecture is usually implemented as a part of enterprise architecture.

solution architect responsibilities

Hence, if you plan to create a complex solution for your enterprise, be sure to have a proper solution architecture in place. In addition to the project’s technical specifics, the architect must understand the business processes inside and outside the company and how it builds its corporate strategy and goals faces. As a result, we can say that a solution architect’s work consists of analytical work, not just technical work. One of the most sought-after roles in software development companies is as a solution architect. The solution architect works with the development team to create and integrate information and computing systems that meet specific needs. In other words, architect duties are connected with integrating software and hardware.

As well as, working closely with stakeholders to deliver the right solution. The solutions architect focuses on analysis of business goals and provides the impact of IT-solutions on the outcomes. Here are some lessons learned from prior complex martech implementation projects that prove the importance of having a dedicated solution architect on the project team is essential.

If you implement a single tech module that is proven to be working in similar contexts, you don’t need a solution architect. Once software engineering projects grow more complicated and entail a bigger number of processes and risks, it’s better to consider solution architecture consulting services. One of the most important challenges of software product development is meeting the stakeholders’ requirements. Usually, a product has a number of stakeholders that are both technical and non-technical specialists. Solution architecture’s aim is to ensure that all their requirements are taken into account.

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Conducts a system architecture evaluation and collaborates with project management and IT development teams to improve the architecture. A key part of building an architecture is to select the best technologies needed for product development. There are a number of approaches to choosing the best tools, platforms, APIs, and programming languages. Technical Architect also plays a leadership role in defining practices and standards which must be followed throughout the project by working closely with the technical development teams.

They play a key role when it comes to identifying business needs in context with external factors like competitors and internal factors like a company’s IT landscape. They are in charge of analyzing current trends in technology architecture and educating technology departments about new frameworks and best practices. Enterprise architects together with business architects drive standardization and guide a company’s business decisions by introducing effective IT strategies. Once they have identified areas of improvement, the solution architect then takes a specific problem and proposes a solution.

Fit New Software Into The Current System

We are hiring a talented Solution Architect professional to join our team. If you’re excited to be part of a winning team, Example Co. is a great place to grow your career. Defining which solutions are beneficial and which are inefficient for a particular business need. After that, it would be a good thing to extract insights out of it and understand how it contributes to the improvement of the product or service.

The domain architect’s expertise lies in a particular tool, or domain, such as a specific CRM software or database technology. As the most in-depth of the architects, they are responsible for the technical structure of the respective systems and ensuring the proper implementation. Someone will be needed for projects where there are a lot of uncertainties and multiple risks, and different products have to be implemented.

What are the roles and responsibilities of cloud architect?

The cloud architect is responsible for designing and implementing cloud computing solutions. This includes designing the cloud infrastructure, designing the cloud application architecture, and designing the cloud security architecture.

In this block, we are going to define the three primary architects, their main responsibilities and differences. The enterprise vision is converted into detailed user experience stories and tied to technology and data recommendations that were carried out by the platform architects and engineering teams successfully. In the time to come, the need for solution architects roles is only going to grow. However, this remains a dynamic, work in progress role where new responsibilities are getting added as we speak.

Solution AEs work across functional domains and organizational boundaries to create this digital engineering environment. They ensure systems in the manufacturing and operational environments provide the necessary data to evolve the virtual models. A solution architect manages the whole dev team, including the project manager, and usually works with the PM closely to ensure the development processes pepperstone align with the project’s objectives. Unlike a developer, an architect does not think about the interaction of classes, but about the interaction of solution components – applications, web services, and so on. Although, if required, they should quickly go deep into the details of the code. Also, the business aspect of the solution for the architect is as important as the technical one.

But who are these solutions architects, and what role do they play in businesses’ success? We will dive into that in this article which is all about what is a solutions architect and his/her role. Find technology solutions to business problems that meet business requirements defined by the customer.

What is a solutions architect?

Many employers also require a higher degree or professional qualifications. Employers may also ask for five to ten years of experience in network administration. Updates stakeholders on the status of product development processes and budgets.

Svitla Systems takes the complexity out of your hands and builds your company’s software architecture from the ground up. With the right combination of people, tools, and technology, we orchestrate the best strategies to achieve the best degree of operational efficiency through a robust software solution. Solution architects design or modify systems architecture to meet certain business needs. They test, integrate, and program software systems to ensure that specific business issues are solved. Besides picking the technologies, IT solution architects define the development stages the team will go through and help with calculating the product’s cost.

Solution architects get a clear vision for a project, and understand clients’ needs. After that, they map out the parts that will constitute the software solution and how they will work together. They begin by choosing the right technology for the business problems.

A Solution Architect seeks to balance various aspects of the project, from safety to design. Additionally, a Solution Architect researches advanced technologies and approaches regarding best practices in the field. CTO at Emizentech and a member the only investment guide you’ll ever need review of the Forbes technology council, Amit Samsukha, is acknowledged by the Indian tech world as an innovator and community builder. He has a well-established vocation with 12+ years of progressive experience in the technology industry.

As powered by ERI’s Salary Expert Database, the average annual salary potential will reach $151,822 in 2027. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for such specialists is $118,026, not including cash bonus, commission, tips, and profit sharing. In addition to this, they must maintain a long-term view of the software in terms of scalability and change management. Unravel unique insights on our technological know-how and thought leadership. We outline low-budget innovative strategies, identify channels for rapid customer acquisition and scale businesses to new heights.

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